Position Yourself for Job Growth Opportunities

August 22, 2019

Position Yourself for Job Growth Opportunities

Feeling stuck in a career rut? Need a boost? Certificates and industry certifications are growing in popularity as a path to break into or advance in your career. And the good news is, with the low unemployment rate, companies are also looking for ways to retain their employees and help them advance. According to a 2017 Sonoma County Workforce Development Survey, 38 percent of local employers are offering tuition reimbursement in order to attract and retain their workforce.

Empire College has seen an increase in the number of students who are working and going to college in order to position themselves for job growth opportunities. “To address this need, Empire College has added a variety of short-term, certification-driven programs in partnership with industry experts,” says Roy Hurd, President of Empire College. “These programs are a good way for someone who may have received on-the-job training or been in a position for a number of years to fill in gaps and gain a competitive edge.”

What certifications are available?
Industry certifications are offered for a wide variety of career fields at Empire College, including:

  • Accounting – The National Association of Bookkeepers offers certification examinations in QuickBooks, Payroll, and Bookkeeping that provide an endorsement of your skill level.
  • Business – Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certifications in Excel, Outlook, Word, and PowerPoint show that you possess advanced skill sets with these software programs.
  • Information Technology – Certifications in computer hardware, network administration, and cybersecurity are available through Microsoft, CompTIA, and other organizations in this constantly changing field.
  • Medical Coding – CPC, Certified Professional Coder, is a credential granted by examination from the American Academy of Coders.
  • Medical Assisting – With the introduction of the Medicare EHR Incentive (MACRA) program, an increasing number of employers are requiring their medical assistants to become certified.
  • Paralegal – The California Business and Professions code defines the education requirements for paralegal certification. You can also become certified in LexisNexis legal research.

Find out more to gain a competitive edge
A certificate is a great way of getting an edge on your competition, providing the tools and background for growth. They allow you to become specialized and develop knowledge that can then be used in the workplace as well as cross-training and working as a mentor for others. Pursuing a certificate, particularly if you currently work in a field which is constantly changing, positions you as a continuous learner and helps improve your chances for career advancement and higher pay.