Become a Medical Billing and Coding Technician with Empire College

How To Become A Medical Coder

December 11, 2019

Medical Coders are essential to the healthcare system. If you want to play an important role in this field and direct patient care does not interest you, this could be a good career path for you. At Empire College, we offer medical coding classes that give you the in-demand skills employers are looking for.   […]

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Become a Medical Billing and Coding Technician with Empire College

Where To Take Medical Billing And Coding Classes

November 8, 2019

What is Medical Coding? Medical coders, sometimes called Medical Records and Health Information Technicians,  play an important role in keeping data secure, organized, and accessible. They must learn the classification systems that allow doctors’ offices, hospitals, and insurance companies to access medical data. Why should I pursue Medical Billing and Coding? Healthcare workers are always […]

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How To Learn Medical Billing And Coding

October 15, 2019

Many careers in the field of healthcare are growing. As the population ages and as the field grows increasingly digital, Medical Records professionals are in-demand. The job outlook is strong; employment in the profession is expected to grow at 11% between now and 2028, which is much faster than the average for most professions.* These […]

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Career Services at Empire College

Finding a Career That Is Financially Viable and Fulfilling

September 23, 2019

Finding a Career That is Financially Viable and Fulfilling – Excerpt from Sheena McDermand-Toledo’s Commencement Address to the Class of 2018

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Empire Educator of the Year

Carl Oeschger Brings Excellence to Business & Accounting Classes

September 18, 2019

Carl Oeschger is Empire’s 2019 “Educator of the Year.” Carl holds both a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and a Diploma in Information Technology, and his diverse background enables him to teach in a wide range of disciplines. Empire students may know Carl from their human relations and accounting classes, or from their courses in […]

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Become a White Hat Hacker

Why Earn a Microsoft Office Specialist Certification?

September 16, 2019

In today’s job market, you need to do whatever you can to make yourself stand out from the competition. If you are underemployed, working several jobs to make ends meet, or just can’t find a satisfying career, a Microsoft Office Specialist Certification may help you rise above the crowd. At Empire College, we believe in this certification so much that we have made it part of the curriculum in our School of Business.
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Cybersecurity Careers

Cybersecurity Training

September 11, 2019

Cybersecurity is one of the fastest growing industries in California, and for good reason. With so many of society’s systems now managed online, cybersecurity is more important than ever. Cybersecurity professionals are employed in a wide variety of industries, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics only projects their demand to grow. Below, we will discuss […]

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Become a White Hat Hacker

Basic Computer Security: Why Everyone Needs It

August 30, 2019

By Nathan Jackson, MCSA, A+, Network+, Linux+, Security+ –

As an IT professional, one of the things that I hear from people is: “I don’t have anything on my computer worth stealing so why do I need anti-virus? When I hear this I feel that they don’t understand their own worth and how easy it is to protect themselves.

So let’s look at what is stored on your computer/laptop/phone/tablet that someone else could take and sell to the wrong people.
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Micrsoft Office Computer Training

Financial Literacy Education at Empire

August 27, 2019

America Needs a Financial Education. Empire Students Take Action. True or False: Checking my credit score hurts my credit. If you’re not sure, you are in good company. The average American has over $5,500 in credit card debt, half have less than $10,000 saved for retirement, and not quite half of student loan borrowers are […]

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Job Growth with Empire College

Position Yourself for Job Growth Opportunities

August 22, 2019

Feeling stuck in a career rut? Need a boost? Certificates and industry certifications are growing in popularity as a path to break into or advance in your career. And the good news is, with the low unemployment rate, companies are also looking for ways to retain their employees and help them advance. According to a […]

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IT Cybersecurity Jobs

Entry-Level IT Cybersecurity Jobs in Santa Rosa

August 20, 2019

Job titles in the IT cybersecurity field are not always cut and dry. In fact, many do not include the word “cybersecurity” at all. Below, we will discuss three common entry-level information technology cybersecurity jobs in Santa Rosa, along with how they help organizations protect their digital information.   Network Administrators Many IT professionals begin […]

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Become a Paralegal

Why You Should Consider a Career as a Paralegal

August 13, 2019

Have you ever had to interact with a paralegal? If you haven’t, chances are you may not understand what the profession does. Many use the term interchangeably with “attorney,” but there are actually major differences between the two. Whether you might need one in your future, or are considering a job in this career field, here are some important facts about paralegals.
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Cybersecurity Careers

What Can You Do with a Cybersecurity Degree?

August 5, 2019

What You’ll Earn from Empire’s Cybersecurity Degree Program Graduates Empire’s cybersecurity program are awarded an Associate of Occupational Studies in Information Technology with a concentration in Cybersecurity. This concentration prepares graduates for a variety of certifications, including: CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+) CompTIA PenTest+ CompTIA A+ Technician CompTIA Network+ CompTIA Security+ Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) in […]

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Interview Tips

The Power of Saying Thank You

July 31, 2019

“I chose her because I think she will be the perfect fit for our department. I was very impressed with her, the interview went well, and I chose her over a seasoned MA so that says a lot for her! I think the deal breaker was the email she sent to say THANK YOU for […]

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Certifications: Why Should You Get Them?

July 25, 2019

By Brandan Merrick, A+, Network+, MCP, MCSA –

All of our IT students here at Empire College know we push to get your certifications while you are in school. Today I’m going to address some of the questions you may have about why we do this.
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Cybersecurity Classes

July 22, 2019

What Do You Learn in Empire’s Cybersecurity Courses? A background in cybersecurity offers many benefits. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, careers in information security are projected to grow by 28 percent between 2016 and 2026. This is much faster than the average job growth of 7 percent. And while the national median salary […]

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Empire College

Empire College Partners with CompTIA

June 27, 2019

Empire Launches D.o.D. Approved Cybersecurity Courses  If you’re looking for an exciting career defending computer networks from hacking, along with good job growth and pay, there is now a unique, hands-on training option in the North Bay.   Empire College has partnered with The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), a non-profit trade association issuing professional certifications for the […]

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Become a White Hat Hacker

Cybersecurity Job Outlook

June 24, 2019

Job future in cybersecurity: Santa Rosa’s Empire College instructor talks need for certified workers Those who want to make a living defending computer networks from hackers will have a new way to be certified to do so. Santa Rosa-based Empire College has announced it is partnering with The Computing Technology Industry, a nonprofit trade association, […]

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Empire College Graduates

Advantages of Earning a Specialized Degree in Sonoma County

June 20, 2019

When deciding on a college to attend, there are many factors to consider. Most prospective students make a “pros and cons” list to help make sense of such a huge decision. It can be tempting to look at a university farther away – the idea of building an exciting life outside of Sonoma County. However, staying local holds many benefits for one’s future.

There are financial advantages to already being in Sonoma County – if you are able to stay local, you can save yourself the stress of long-distance travel or dorm fees. Staying in Sonoma County also means possible qualification for local or community grants. From the Community Foundation of Sonoma County, for example, the Michael F. O’Donnell Memorial Scholarship Fund offers a $2,500 scholarship to a law student from Sonoma County.
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Benefits of IT Certification

The Future is Bright in Information Technology

June 14, 2019

Benefits of getting your IT certification Information technology certificates are growing in popularity as a path to break into or advance in the highly competitive California tech sector. With an impressive job outlook, lucrative salaries and a slew of added benefits; job seekers are continuing to migrate to the Bay Area in hopes of landing […]

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Cybersecurity Classes

Become a White Hat Hacker

June 12, 2019

What You Should Know Before Pursuing a Career in Ethical Hacking   To many, white hat hacking is somewhat of a mysterious phrase. Yet, even if you’re not quite sure what white hat hackers do, you probably know that they’re growing in popularity — particularity in California. This means that it’s an excellent time to […]

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Communities and Networking

May 28, 2019

By Brandan Merrick, A+, Network+, MCP, MCSA –  One of the things we encourage our students to do here at Empire College is to set up a LinkedIn account and connect with their teachers and fellow students. Why do we do this? Because networking is a very useful tool for your career. This is true […]

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Medical Coding and Billing

Why a Career in Medical Billing and Coding?

May 23, 2019

4.7 Million Reasons Why a Career in Medical Billing and Coding Is Awesome   Reason #12: Diagnostic Coding The following are actual, no kidding, valid codes. Exhibit A: Initial contact with flying horses (W31.81xA)Exhibit B: Knitting Y93.D1xA in a prison courtyard (Y92.147)Exhibit C: Assault by poisoning with the venom of a Portuguese Man O’ War […]

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Empire College Expands Paralegal Faculty

May 22, 2019

Santa Rosa, CA—Empire College recently named Laura Krieg, CP as the Legal Department Head of the School of Business. In addition, Nina Cooney, ACP and Eric Young, Esq. have joined the faculty. Laura Krieg, who has been a member of the Empire College School of Business legal faculty since 2010, has worked at various law […]

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Empire College Faculty Profie

Faculty Profile: Alyson Brisco, Medical Instructor

April 9, 2019

Fourteen years ago I was sitting on this stage, excited to be graduating, but also a little terrified to be graduating. I had done it. I made it through all of my classes and now it was time to go out and apply everything I had learned. Sitting there though, my mind started to wander. “Would I get a job? Would I remember how to do all of those procedures I’d learned? Will they have a computer system I know? Will I actually use the math I had to learn?” – “Oh my goodness! Wait! What is the speaker saying? Pay attention Alyson. Oh, please, don’t let me fall when it’s my turn to walk across the stage.”
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Empire Students Attend RSA Security Conference

March 20, 2019

On March 5, 2019, Empire College’s IT Department made its yearly field trip to the Moscone Center in San Francisco for the world’s largest IT security conference. Once again, the conference expanded as the need for IT security grows and more companies are looking to fill the security needs of organizations that have suffered data […]

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Sana Rosa Tax Clic

Free Tax Service at Empire College

March 7, 2019

Why is filing our tax return so cumbersome for most of us? A main contributor is that there are so many variables to consider. Whether it’s cross-referencing receipts for deductions, updating your marital status, or claiming a dependent for the first time. The process is overwhelming and lends the potential for individuals to choose the […]

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Free Tax Clinic

Free Tax Preparation in Sonoma County

February 14, 2019

Sonoma County Residents Turn Out for Free Tax Preparation Filing taxes is no favorite chore for a winter day, or any day for that matter. But for Christina Andrade of Santa Rosa, the experience Saturday morning was not so burdensome. She was one of more than 60 local residents who were able to get their […]

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Empire College Campus

Empire College’s Field Trip to DriveSavers

October 29, 2018

The Empire College IT Department learned the importance of backing up data, disaster recovery, teamwork and, of course, people skills during their recent field trip to DriveSavers in Novato. DriveSavers is a company that specializes in data recovery and forensics. DriveSavers restores and recovers data from inoperable hard drives, flash drives, tablets and cell phones. […]

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News About Empire College

Mary O’Brien Named 2018 Financial Aid Professional of the Year

October 15, 2018

Empire College’s Director of Financial Aid Mary O’Brien has been named the 2018 Norma Ford Financial Aid Professional of the Year. The Norma Ford Award is presented by the California Association of Private Postsecondary Schools to an excellent financial aid professional in honor of CAPPS financial aid trainer and board member Norma Ford who passed […]

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Andrea Hernandez Dominguez

Empire Paralegal Graduate Awarded Nation’s Top Honor for Community Service

August 8, 2018

Congratulations to Empire College paralegal graduate Andrea Hernandez Dominguez, who has received national recognition from the White House for her volunteer service of more than 100 hours as a legal translator at the Sonoma County Small Claims Advisory Clinic. As the second-ever Empire College recipient of the President’s Volunteer Service Award, she was recently presented […]

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Deborah Cain, Empire College

Empire Instructor Named Paralegal of the Year

May 8, 2018

A wonderful piece of news recently arrived in our mailbox! Empire College instructor Deborah Cain has been named Paralegal of the Year by the Redwood Empire Association of Paralegals (REAP)! Her name will be submitted to CAPA (California Alliance of Paralegal Associations) where she will be honored at the next statewide conference and will be up for possibly winning CAPA’s Paralegal of the Year award.
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Become a Public Defender - Empire College - Empire Law School

National Public Defender Week – March 18-24, 2018

March 14, 2018

By Professor Kathleen Pozzi, Sonoma County Public Defender Sunday, March 18th, marks the 55th anniversary of Gideon v. Wainwright, and the third nationwide celebration of Public Defense week.  The Law Office of the Sonoma County Public Defender is joining forces with National, State and County wide public defense offices and other indigent defense organizations to […]

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Empire Business School

Explore a Career in Public Law

March 5, 2018

Ever wondered what a career in the public law sector is really like? Professors Holly Rickett (Deputy County Counsel for the County of Sonoma) and Kathleen Pozzi (Sonoma County’s Public Defender) have organized a complimentary panel discussion for students, applicants, and new lawyers to explore careers in public service on Tuesday, March 13, 2018, from […]

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Empire College UPDATE – Classes Restart Tomorrow, 10/17/17

October 16, 2017

To everyone in our amazing Empire College community: Over the weekend, we attempted to call every student to ensure that they were safe and to ask about when they could return to school. The overwhelming response from the students we talked to was that they wanted to be back in their classes. Based on this […]

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Become an Attorney in Santa Rosa

Summer 2017 Edition of The Empire Writes Back Newsletter

September 22, 2017

Summer 2017 Edition of The Empire Writes Back Newsletter

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Empire College at RSA

Spring 2017 Edition of The Empire Writes Back Newsletter

September 19, 2017

Spring 2017 Edition of The Empire Writes Back Newletter

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