Second Year Required Courses

Second Year Required Courses

The second year of our Northern California law school courses can be completed in two semesters

Our Juris Doctor degree enters the fascinating area of civil procedure, limits of court interrogations, examining and using physical evidence during trial, burden of proof, constitutional considerations, tenant law, and the political hot-button issue of eminent domain.

LAW 600A/B Civil Procedure (6 units)
Jurisdiction – traditional and modern concepts. Federal and State subject matter jurisdiction; judgments; res judicata and collateral estoppel; forms of action, demurrer, answer, cross-actions, amendment of pleadings, joinder of actions and parties, venue of actions, process, motions, civil discovery, trial procedure, dismissals, non-suit, directed verdict.

LAW 603A/B Constitutional Law (6 units)
The federal structure: Judicial review, congressional powers, commerce power, state powers and federalism, individual rights, due process, equal protection, state action, freedom of religion, and freedom of expression.

LAW 601A/B Evidence (6 units)
Problems in relevancy; circumstantial evidence, including habit, custom, compromises, and character evidence; witnesses, including competency privilege, examination, impeachment and rehabilitation; opinion evidence; Constitutional considerations and exclusionary rules; hearsay evidence and the exceptions to its exclusion; authenticity of writings; the “best evidence” rule, burden and proof and presumptions.

To see a complete list of our law courses with descriptions, please click here. By doing so, you will open a PDF file of our course descriptions. It will open in a new window.

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