Welcome to Empire College!

We are located in beautiful Santa Rosa, Calif., in the heart of wine country – just an hour north of the San Francisco Bay area. We offer the high-quality career training you’ve been searching for – whether you’re interested in business or law.

Our School of Business features a variety of career training programs. Since 1961, we have been helping students acquire marketable skills and achieve their dream jobs. We proudly offer high-caliber business programs in fast-growing fields like:

Our other flagship curriculum rests in our School of Law. For more than 40 years, students have been supplied with the necessary means to become successful attorneys through our Juris Doctor Law program. Our School of Law is among the elite accredited law schools in California, helping students find successful career opportunities in the North Bay Area and neighboring communities.

We are incredibly proud of all the accomplishments our former and current students have achieved, as well as our community service commitment which has earned us national recognition on President Obama's Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll for the past four years. One of the ways that community commitment is exemplified is our free GED Prep course offered through the Empire College Foundation.

If you desire a better career and are searching for a quality college, look no further than Empire College!