"I love my job in the wine industry; people come in a good mood and leave in a better one. Thanks to Empire, I was able to begin my new career within eight months." Marty Paradise, Tasting Room Manager

"Redwood Regional Medical Group is very fortunate to work with Empire College for the placement of externs and new graduates with our organization. We find that they are always prepared, professional and eager to work." Debbie Reid, Human Resources Generalist

"Empire College has played a significant role in building Connections IT's information technology staff and purchasing department." Victoria Carlson, Co-owner, VP Operations/Sales/HR

"We always look forward to placing Empire College interns in our programs. They come to us from the college's Office Administration, Accounting and Information Technology programs well-motivated and with great skills. We are very proud of our partnership with Empire College."
Hazel Whiteoak, Volunteer Coordinator, Community Action Partnership

"The Empire College students we have hired possess good computer, communication and accounting skills, and they have the cooperative spirit necessary to get along well with co-workers."
Emie Chan, Business Office Manager, Jordan & Associates

"We've been fortunate to hire two amazing employees from Empire College's hospitality program. They came in ready to help take Sonoma County Tourism Bureau from a start-up company to the thriving destination marketing organization it is today."
Ken Fischang, CHME, CMP, President/CEO

"Our office looks for quality law clerks and future attorneys. We have a strong relationship with Empire College and fill many of our openings with its graduates."
Rachel Elliott, Deputy Public Defender, Law Office of the Public Defender, Sonoma County

"The majority of our medical assistants have been hired through Empire College. They have all proven to be very knowledgeable, ready to step in and easily trained in the way that our practice works. We have been very happy with all of them and the services offered by Empire College Career Placement Department."
Debi Yeager, Office Manager, Redwood Family Dermatology

"I'm really glad I had the opportunity to go back to school. Empire College has a great program."
Lori Hille-Steely, Accounting Manager

"While still a student at Empire College, I learned about an internship with the county from my instructor. Even if I had not been hired on permanently, the experience alone was very beneficial."
Breanna Guadagni, Account Clerk

"I had always heard good things about Empire College. I could have gone to the junior college, but it seemed like it would take forever. I needed to do things efficiently."
Judah Sexton, Bookkeeper

"I traveled a great distance when I learned about Empire College and what it has to offer. Empire College enabled me to get the great job I have now."
Michael Enriquez, Network Administrator

"I do networking, hardware and software troubleshooting, including security issues. Empire College prepared me well."
Dan Wilson, Network Technician

"I never dreamed that I would become an MCSE and successfully launch my own network consulting business before graduating, but I did! The instructors at Empire College are the best I have ever had."
Bob Hansen-Keys, MCSE, CCNA, Network Consultant

"What I learned from my hardware instructor at Empire College helped spark me. I really do love this field. You are continuously confronted with challenges."
David Floyd, CNA, MCP, Network Administrator

"I liked the in-depth and enthusiastic instruction at Empire College. I also liked the daily schedule; it really benefits retention of material."
David R. Kimes, CNA, Network Manager

"Empire gave Adelard the tools he needed to do well in what can be a very competitive, high-pressure environment. When we first started hiring for this project, I had a group of techs and immediately had to filter through to find those most technically capable. Several of those came from Empire, including Adelard."
Darrel DeSouza, Senior IT Project Manager, Kaiser Permanente
Pictured: Adelard Banza Muyakana, IT Consultant, Kaiser Permanente

"Due to my Empire College education and certifications, I got hired at the top level. I am so thankful for Empire College. It truly changed my life."
Christine Bushong, MCP, Special Agent

"I worked at McDonald's for five years. I decided to go into the legal field to help people. My boss called me for an interview the weekend after I graduated. He was working with Empire's Placement Department."
Melinda Holt, Legal Assistant

"I love working in the fast-paced, challenging and rewarding field of law. Empire's legal program has helped pave the way."
Violet Bloomfield, Paralegal

"My daughter recently told me, 'Mom, I want a job like yours when I grow up.' That was really neat."
Veronica Mandujano, Court Legal Processor

"All four of our hires from Empire College have exceeded expectations. We will continue to hire Empire graduates as they have proven to be the most qualified applicants for our clinic."
Jean Clayton, Fresenius Medical Care

"Christina was hired right off of externship. We did not let her go! I have hired many Empire College graduates and have been really happy with them."
Sherry Mills, Care Center Manager
Pictured: Christina Maynarich, Clinical Medical Assistant

"I externed here. About one week after the externship ended, I got a call. They wanted to hire me."
Luz Marrufo, Clinical Medical Assistant

"Bilingual skills, combined with the clinical training I received from Empire, are real assets in the medical field."
Marbella Sanchez, Medical Assistant

"I felt confident with the training I received at Empire College. I have not encountered anything missing from my training."
Laura Nunez, Cardiovascular Technician

"If you are a compassionate person and you enjoy reaching out and making a difference in someone's life, then the medical field is for you."
Mari Magill, Clinical Medical Assistant

"This is a great opportunity for Kaiser Permanente Santa Rosa Medical Center to partner with a community leader like Empire College and help the next generation of phlebotomy technicians gain the skills and experience they need."
Judy Coffey, Kaiser Permanente Senior Vice President and Area Manager

"I got this job lead through Empire College's Career Services Department. I had worked at Agilent for 20 years and wanted to go into something fun."
Maureen Tunheim, Administrative Manager

"I knew I could take the training from the Administrative Specialist degree program anywhere. I got a lot of good skills and experience from Empire College."
Laura Villarreal, Winery and Vineyard Operational Assistant

"Empire College had exactly what I wanted. A 10-month program made my goals very achievable and tangible."
Carissa Gibson, Administrative Assistant

"I got the dream job that I so desired. My education at Empire College did – and will – pay off. If you apply yourself, you will get the job you want ... and more."
Debbie Tansey, Administrative Assistant

"Everything I learned at Empire College has been useful in my job, especially the computer classes. I had been a stay-at-home mom, and my computer experience was limited."
Mary Kennedy, Administrative Assistant


Make sure you check out our Student Success Stories page.

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