information technology

information technology

Donated, Refurbished Computers Benefit the Community

Empire College technology student rebuilds computer

Hardware instructor Scott Wilcox has given away many small items as needed by tech students and has picked up recycled equipment to help the person/company dispose of items and help others. This has led to a recycling and donation system that has provided his students in Empire's information technology programs with computers that can be used to build a network at home.

Empire College Technology Students

What Is Latency?

Subtitle: It's Good to Be Queueless!

Student Success Stories - Jon Nussbaum - Technical Support

Jon Nussbaum - Linux Systems Administrator

Jon Nussbaum
   Linux Systems Administrator
   Disney ImageMovers Digital


Popular tech terms
A majority of Americans own computers, yet the average user doesn’t know what ‘URL’ stands for (it’s Uniform Resource Locator, by the way -- a fancy term for an Internet address). Though most users have come a long way since the early days of the digital age when they mistook the CD-ROM drive for a cup holder, many are still baffled by tech-speak. Mastering just a handful of definitions may help users bridge the wide gap between the experts and the rest of us.

Why Your Computer Is Slow

graph of cpu versus hard drive performance

Look at this image carefully (you might need to click to enlarge it).  It's a graph created by Microsoft employees.  Those two lines tell you a lot about why your computer is slow.

A Successful Journey

Jon attended Empire College from 2006-2008 as an I.T. student. We recently received the following e-mail from Jon and with his permssion we would like to share his news and recent accomplishment. 

"Hellloooo Empire College !!! It's been a while, I hope everything is good over there!

Thought I'd keep in touch with you all, and inform you of my successful journey in the IT world.

Internships Provide Resume Fuel for IT Students

In a tight economy, many people decide to take the opportunity to hone their skills by returning to school. Some take courses to update their skill set, while others elect to explore a field that has always interested them or seems more secure.

Matthew Clark is such an example. After completing his service in the U.S. Marine Corps, he decided to use his education benefits under the GI Bill to pursue a technology degree in the area of network and information security at Empire College.

Customer Service is Key in IT

Ethical hacking, tactical perimeter defense, voice and retina scans are an important knowledge base for today’s high tech career. However, the mainstay of the information technology profession continues to be the basics of employment in any field…good old-fashioned customer service and communication skills.