Toni Felciano Memorial Scholarships

Toni Felciano scholarship recipients

Five Empire College hospitality majors were honored to receive a Toni Felciano Memorial Scholarship on July 28. Antoinette "Toni" Felciano was an Empire graduate who worked at the California Welcome Center in Santa Rosa. Her coworkers wanted to give something back to the community that she would approve of and raised enough money to fund classes for five Empire students. Members of Toni’s family and Chamber President/CEO Jonathan Coe attended the presentation.

Can You Keep a Secret? Hope Not!

Empire College marketing students, along with Sheri Graeber-Eachus, head of the hospitality program, presented their marketing video for Stage meals to Council on Aging last week. The COA staff who attended the "premier" described the video as "creative and professional" and answered a resounding YES when asked if they would like the class to produce more.

Empire College marketing students

Wine Country or Beer Country?

Celebrity Judges at last year's Potluck Chef Showdown

We know where the candidates stand. The question is: WHERE DO YOU STAND SONOMA COUNTY? IS IT WINE COUNTRY OR BEER COUNTRY?

Cast your vote tonight (6-8 pm) at the Sonoma County POTLUCK CHEF SHOWDOWN - ELECTION EDITION at Empire College. The $20 ticket price includes beer, wine, food sampling and ballot - 100% of proceeds benefit Social Advocates for Youth.

[Paid for in time, sweat and talent by the Hospitality Students of Empire College.]

Save the Date - 5th Annual Sonoma County Potluck Chef Showdown ELECTION EDITION

[Posted on behalf of Sheri Eachus, Hospitality/Tourism Department Head and her fabulously creative students]

On November 5, 2012, the Hospitality Students will be hosting the 5th Annual Sonoma County Potluck Chef Showdown  ELECTION EDITION.

Empire Adds Guest Services Specialist Degree Program

Empire has added an exciting new Guest Services Specialist associate degree program to its offerings, as highlighted in this week's issue of the North Bay Business Journal. The program includes the opportunity to earn several coveted industry certifications from the American Hotel and Lodging Association. Check it out!

Give Green, Grow Green!

Empire College's Hospitality Team is putting on an event to raise money for the School Garden Network on Saturday, September 24, 2-4 p.m. As usual, they have come up with some fun, creative ideas for the event.There will be a silent auction, demonstrations by local vendors (beneficial bugs, composting, wine tasting), and much more!

Five Strange Hotel Amenities

When picking the perfect hotel for the perfect getaway, you probably have a checklist of hotel amenities that you consider mandatory. Some of these may include: free Wi-Fi, cable, pool or Jacuzzi, and in-room safe. While it’s important to think ahead and make sure the basics are covered, you may want to consider every amenity your hotel offers before you confirm that reservation. You may be surprised to learn that your hotel offers more than you would expect.

What do Denzel Washington, Kelly Osbourne and Katie Holmes have to do with Empire College?

Empire hospitality/tourism students chat with Denzel Washington

While during a site inspection at the Beverly Hills Hotel last week, Empire hospitality/tourism students had the opportunity to learn about the preparations the staff takes when expecting high-level dignitaries. The Secret Service were there covering every corner of the property, and the Sales Manager (their guide) spoke to students about how working in a hotel of this caliber is so different than a "mainstream" hotel.

Wine, Good for the Body…and your Career?

Suddenly, it seems as if wine is making the news more often than the latest Hollywood scandal. If it’s not someone talking about wine’s health benefits, then it’s someone talking about how you could make wine your career. Seriously, according to the latest studies by the American Heart Association, wine – if consumed in moderation, of course – can lead to various health benefits, particularly a healthy heart. Not to mention that wine and it’s growing tourism is taking the U.S. by storm, especially in California.

Potluck Showdown Adds Spice to Learning

Hospitality students showcase their talents at the Potlluck Chef Showdown

Hospitality students in Empire College’s Event Planning class are in their creativity and marketing modes as they focus on their annual charity fundraiser that takes place Monday evening, February 22, to benefit the Culinary Arts and Hospitality programs at Sonoma County High Schools. Their third annual “Potluck Chef Showdown” will feature celebrity judges and some of the North Bay’s top amateur chefs.

Empire College hospitality program features a project-based Event Planning class