Third Year Required Courses

Third Year Required Courses

The third year of our Northern California law school courses can be completed in two semesters

The third year of our Juris Doctor degree investigates how standard contractual law differs from wills and trusts. The federal structure and separation of powers are examined at length.

LAW 702A/B Real Property (6 units)
The law of real property; historical back-ground; common law estates and interests; statute of uses and modern conveyancing; concurrent ownership; landlord and tenant; deeds and delivery; boundaries; recording acts and title search; contract for sale of land; easements, servitudes and other land use restrictions; adverse possession; landowners; rights, including air, water, mineral and lateral and subjacent support.

LAW 701A Wills and Trusts (3 units)
Covers intestacy; execution; integration; republication; incorporation by reference, independent significance; revocation and revival; will contracts; testamentary capacity; lapse, ademption; satisfaction; will contests; will substitutes; nature and classification of trusts; elements of a trust, creation of inter vivos and testamentary trusts; revocable and irrevocable trusts; insurance trusts; nature of the beneficiary’s interest, including restraints on alienation and principles regarding transferability; modification and termination of trusts; charitable trusts, fiduciary administration, including qualification, duties, standards and liabilities of fiduciary; management, investment and accounting by fiduciary; powers of appointment.

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