Self-Help Access Center

Self-Help Access Center

Self-Help Access Center in Santa Rosa, California

"By assisting clients at the Self-Help Access Center, students learn about law, human nature, society and challenges people face on a daily basis."
- Michelle Brown


Explore the Self-Help Access Center and learn about California pro per litigation

The Self-Help Access Center (SHAC) has been able to expand its services by collaborating with Empire College School of Law and the Superior Court of Sonoma County. Through participation in this clinic, students learn about California pro per litigation.

SHAC assists self-representing litigants, 70 to 80 percent of all family law cases, in preparing legal arguments and documents for court in family law matters. The parties receive much-needed help with issues such as divorce, restraining orders and custody issues, and students get hands-on experience in this elective course.

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