Letter from the President

Letter from the President

Message from the President – Law School

Empire College School of Law is proud to be a provider of quality legal education.

Our graduates now comprise approximately 25 percent of the Sonoma County Bar, pursuing a wide range of legal specialties.

Currently, more than 50 practicing attorneys (including several judges) from this region serve as professors, teaching in their specialty areas. They make the realities of law come alive in a classroom setting that retains its personalized, professional and participatory atmosphere.

As a local resource, the School of Law has become an integral part of the legal community, with many of our students becoming involved in the legal process prior to graduation. This networking has been quite beneficial to their success in passing the bar examination, as well as finding employment in the community in which they have studied.

The study of law is a very personal decision, and one that should only be made after considering many factors. If you believe this is an opportunity for you, we invite you to call the college and meet with professionals who can assist you in making this important decision.

Roy O. Hurd, President

Message from the Dean – Law School

For more than 38 years, Empire College School of Law has been providing quality legal education for students wishing to pursue a career in the field of law. We are very proud of the accomplishments of our graduates, including members of the judiciary in Sonoma, Napa, Mendocino, Lassen, Merced and Calaveras Counties.

Our Moot Court teams have established a tradition of excellence, winning the championship in 2000 and earning “Best Appellant’s Brief” in 2002, “Best Respondent’s Brief” in 2003, and second place in “Excellence in Appellate Advocacy” and “Brief Writing” in 2004. Our Environmental Negotiations Team captured first place in the 2001 State Bar competition.

People choose to study law for many different reasons. Some view themselves as trial attorneys persuading juries to find in favor of their clients. Others believe the legal system is the most effective way to address society’s problems. Regardless of the career path they pursue, the discipline and critical thinking skills learned while studying law will assist them in their future endeavors.

One of the most fascinating aspects of law is that it is always subject to change. Students learn that the study of law is not a process of memorizing stagnant rules but rather a discipline of carefully analyzing a client’s position and preparing an argument to support that position.

At Empire, we are committed to providing students with an education that will allow them to successfully confront the ethical and intellectual challenges the field of law presents. Our faculty have distinguished themselves with a high level of competence in their legal specialties and effective communication in the classroom.

J. Michael Mullins, Dean

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