Fourth Year Required Courses

Fourth Year Required Courses

The fourth year of our Northern California law school courses can be completed in two semesters

The fourth and final year of Empire College's Juris Doctor degree investigates the phenomenon of modern corporate legal culture and their place in the governance of the United States. This section delves into the complex world of shareholder rights and ownership as well.

LAW 800A/B Business Organizations (6 units)
Formation; pre-incorporation activities; de facto corporations; ultra vires acts; role, authority and meetings of officers, directors and shareholders; standard of care; proxy solicitations; close corporations; fiduciary relations; shareholder litigation; capitalization; dividend distributions; fundamental changes; partnerships and agency.

LAW 801A/B Remedies (5 units)
General scope of remedies; principles governing general use of equitable remedies; general scope of interpleader, declaratory relief (and related remedies), constructive trusts, and equitable liens; principles governing use of and defenses to specific performance and injunctions; equitable conversion; technical aspects of injunctions; damages.

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