First Year Courses - Master's Program

First Year Courses - Master's Program

The first year of our Northern California law school courses can be completed in two semesters

Our Master of Legal Studies degree program continues into dynamic legal territory as we introduce our students to the complex world of criminal law, the complicated loops of contract law, and sections dedicated to proving negligence, injury compensation and where tort law is separated by civil proceedings from criminal.

LAW 500A/B Contracts (6 units)
Remedies for breach of contract: consideration; offer and acceptance; problems of performance; conditions; impossibility; third party beneficiaries; assignment; Parole Evidence Rule; Statute of Frauds.

LAW 501A/B Criminal Law (6 units)
Nature and sources of criminal law; elements of crimes; analyses of specific crimes; legal defenses; California Penal Code and decisions; procedure.

LAW 502A/B Torts (6 units)
Intentional wrongs to person and property; unintentional wrongs; negligence; duty of persons in control of property; tort liability arising from contractual relationships; liability for defective products; liability without fault; deceit; defamation; malicious prosecution; interference with contractual economic and other legally protectable relations, tort alternatives.

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