Disability Law Clinic

Disability Law Clinic

Our Disability Law Clinic in California helps our students gain real-world experience

Disability Law Clinic in Santa Rosa

"The nice thing for me is that I was able to help somebody who probably couldn't otherwise afford legal representation. It absolutely changed my client's life."
- Don Brown


A collaborative effort between Disability Services and Legal Center (DSLC) and Empire College School of Law, our California Disability Law Clinic provides students the opportunity to participate in all areas of case development, from client interviews to court appearances. In these elective clinical training courses in California, students receive clinical training in Federal and California Disability Law. Each student is responsible for handling several cases within the area of Administrative Law.

Under the supervision of Law Professor Adam Brown, third- and fourth-year students represent clients before a Federal or State Administrative Law Judge. They conduct research, write legal briefs, interview clients, and argue their cases before the Judge. Disability Law clinical training gives students the experience of handling real cases on behalf of real clients and provides an exceptional learning experience for the students while benefiting those in need.

If you want to earn your education and gain firsthand experience in our Disability Law Clinic in Northern California, contact us today.

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