Master's Program - Course Descriptions

Master's Program - Course Descriptions

Our northern California law school provides the legal education you need to be successful

There are many law schools in California that you could choose from, but we feel that Empire College rivals others because of our dynamic courses. Empire College School of Law offers a Master of Legal Studies education for serious students who wish to accomplish post-graduate studies in law but do not want to pursue a traditional Juris Doctor law degree.

This two-year program allows students from varied educational and professional backgrounds to gain a sophisticated understanding of the basic tenets of legal studies, legal reasoning, and the interaction between law and society. Any person who is either currently employed or contemplating employment in a field where the law is a principal or significant factor in job duties or responsibilities will benefit from the Master of Legal Studies degree. Fields such as probation, law enforcement, healthcare, non-profits, public administration or the courts, school administration, finance, insurance, and human resources all require to one degree or another a clear understanding of basic legal principles and their application.

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