Top 10 Empire College School of Business Benefits

Top 10 Empire College School of Business Benefits

We understand you have many options when choosing a school for your business degree, but we'd like to encourage you to learn more about the benefits of attending Empire College. Here are the top 10 reasons your choice should be Empire College's School of Business:

  1. Short-term, career focused programs directed toward employment. Not so short that students feel under-prepared; not so long that you think you will never graduate.

  2. Excellent on-time completion rates, providing you and your family an anticipated graduation date that you can count on.

  3. Convenient Monday-Thursday day or evening scheduling - predictable class times with Fridays off!

  4. Personalized, hands-on education taught by supportive and experienced instructors.

  5. Small class sizes that allow for plenty of interaction and skills practice.

  6. Proven results on certification and licensure examinations.

  7. Programs that include internships that we set up for you during your last quarter.

  8. Job placement assistance.

  9. An environment that promotes a sense of empowerment, control and confidence - and plenty of available parking.

  10. Positive reputation in the North Bay Area.