Tourism & Hospitality Career Information

Tourism & Hospitality Career Information

Why should I enroll in Tourism and Hospitality Management training in Santa Rosa?

"I love my job in the wine industry; people come in a good mood and leave in a better one. Thanks to Empire, I was able to begin my new career within eight months."
- Marty Paradise, Tasting Room Manager

One word is “excitement!” You will be working with people who are planning on an ultimate getaway, are arriving at a destination they always wished to see or are simply seeking help to find a place to visit that will create memories to last a lifetime.

Hospitality and tourism actually consists of many different industries that are all combined into a vibrant and dynamic whole. Hospitality Management training graduates can find work in luxurious hotels, transportation, recreational parks, restaurants, and wineries in the Sonoma, Napa and other wine-growing regions of California.

There are also some unique perks to be found working in hospitality and tourism! Hotels, airlines and resorts often partner with one another, offering discount packages or reduced rates for travel or lodging.

Hospitality and tourism is an area in which there always seems to be activity, making it an exciting world to work in!

Once I graduate from my hospitality management training in Santa Rosa, what are my hiring prospects in California like?

If you specialize in an area of tourism, your prospects in the hospitality and tourism industries in California are much better. Pick an area of interest, such as wineries, historical sites, extreme sports, event planning, and convention management. Have you ever wanted to lead a tour group through beautiful wilderness hikes? A hospitality management program could be for you. Anywhere that people travel and need guidance are just a few of the many diverse areas that use the services of hospitality and tourism management program graduates.

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