Letter from the President

Letter from the President

Message from the President – Business School

We at Empire College believe that education is one of the most important assets one acquires during a lifetime. The lifelong learning process is emphasized throughout our curricula. We have dedicated our resources to providing quality business, legal, medical and technical education that gives our graduates an advantage when they enter the marketplace.

Empire College offers an alternative to the traditional two- or four-year college program. Our programs are directed toward practical knowledge and career training and are designed to get our graduates on the job in as short a time as possible.

We have a strong training emphasis on computer skills in all of our courses. Additionally, our degree programs develop critical thinking, communications, management, decision-making and human relations skills. Hands-on training, coupled with a curriculum designed for practical application, has produced outstanding successes for our many graduates.

Empire College strives to excel as a career training institution by creating a caring, supportive educational environment that focuses on skills and success. We believe that self-esteem and recognition of achievement play an important part in that success. We strive to build self-confidence in our students, an advantage that allows them to function comfortably and competitively in today’s fast-changing world.

Since the school’s founding in 1961, hundreds of successful graduates have developed and added to Empire College’s reputation as a training institution that cares for its students and produces top graduates.

If you’re interested in discovering what a positive, supportive educational environment directed toward practical business training can do for you, I invite you to discover the Empire difference.

Roy O. Hurd, President

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