Featured Graduates

Featured Graduates

Empire College is proud to promote this month’s featured graduates who are available for new career opportunities. Each of these graduates stands out in their unique abilities and experiences and proven professionalism in a variety of areas. These Empire College graduates are a true reflection of our dedication to producing high-caliber, prospective employees who are ready to make an impact in their next career.

Take a few moments to familiarize yourself with these candidates and their qualifications. To place a job order with Empire’s career placement service, click here.

Paralegal - Sandra Lugo

Mortgage experience brought this grad to Empire to further her organizational skills in the legal arena. Bilingual and a professional demeanor combined with attention to detail is a bonus for employers.

Information Technology/Network Specialist - Taylor Turner

Taylor's his name; LInux is his game. Maintained 3.93 GPA/President's Honors while at Empire and has earned his A+, Net+ and Security+ certifications. Good customer skills make this candidate great!

Medical Assistant - Amanda McCown

This candidate has experience in physical therapy and as a day spa coordinator. Positive attitude to start her new career in the administrative or clinical medical arena.

Paralegal - Tracie Hofstetter

Customer service specialty as well as banking and investment experience makes this candidate a natural with her new paralegal skills and training. President's Honors and 100% attendance show she is serious about her new career!

Accounting - Margot Sersen

Accounting professional and manager. Experienced in data projections, cost analysis, and fixed asset purchasing and tracking system. Exceptional candidate! Eleven years successful experience in the field.

Information Technology - Brooks Hanson

Microsoft concentration with industry certifications. 4.0 GPA with 99% attendance make this I.T. candidate a great choice for your needs. Solid work history and years of customer service success.

Medical Assistant - Wendy Nelson

Eleven years experience with the Press Democrat and making a career change. President's Honors and 98% attendance record for this great candidate. Interested in both back and front office opportunities.

Clinical Medical Assistant - Tracy Villanueva

Very professional, pleasant and has a history of inspiring youth. Positive attitude and will be a great addition to any medical office environment.