GED Prep Program

GED Prep Program

Empire College’s School of Business is adding a free GED preparation program for the public, a program funded by a $250,000 donation to the Empire College Foundation from the estate of former Empire College board member, businessman, and civic leader Evert Person.

“We felt it important to use this bequest in a fashion that would benefit the community and provide scholarships to students, thus creating a legacy that is in alignment with Evert’s, and his wife Norma ‘s, wishes,” says Empire College president Roy Hurd. “A portion of the proceeds of Evert’s gift will be used for this GED prep program.”

With the number of those who do not finish high school on the rise (ranging from 16.6 to 21.7 percent in Sonoma County during the past three years), along with higher unemployment rates and lower earnings for this group, the need for preparation programs for the high school equivalency test (GED) is increasing. To further exacerbate the problem, effective July 1, 2012, the U.S. government is cutting off access to federal grants and loans to those without their GED, whether or not the applicants are able to pass college-level entrance exams.

“We look forward to helping to fill this educational gap for students who are seeking a smaller school environment with access to personalized attention,” says Hurd.

Details of the Empire College GED prep program, which will launch April 16, are:

• Class Size: 20 students

• Class Format: Online coursework with one-on-one guidance from a well-qualified, experienced  teacher - Edward Lynch (at right in photo), a retired Analy High School instructor who started his career in the GED area (pictured with Empire College president Roy Hurd and Stephen Jackson, Director of Career Development/Regional Occupational Program for the Sonoma County Office of Education)

• Program Length: 3 to 10 weeks (depending on the student’s computer skills and competency levels with the subject material)

• Class Time: 3:15-5:15 p.m. Monday through Thursday

• Entrance Requirements: Completion of the Basic Skills Test at the eleventh or twelfth grade equivalency in language and math skills

• Cost: $0 (includes the course and a voucher to take the GED test at the Sonoma County Office of Education test site – a $300 value)

Upon attainment of the GED, students will have the option of qualifying for and enrolling in one of Empire College’s 21 diploma or associate degree programs, or furthering their education at another institution.

“Taking the step to attain a GED when your previous educational experience or home life may not have been conducive to a positive outcome is huge,” says Hurd. “Because of this, as further support to those who are successful in taking on this personal challenge, Empire College is offering a $1,000 scholarship to those who enroll in one of our diploma programs and a $2,000 scholarship for those who undertake an associate degree program at Empire.”

For further information on the GED prep course, or Empire College’s diploma and associate degree programs, contact the Admissions Office at 707-546-4000.