Can You Keep a Secret? Hope Not!

Empire College marketing students, along with Sheri Graeber-Eachus, head of the hospitality program, presented their marketing video for Stage meals to Council on Aging last week. The COA staff who attended the "premier" described the video as "creative and professional" and answered a resounding YES when asked if they would like the class to produce more.

Empire College marketing students

Congratulations Grace De La Torre - California Paralegal of the Year!

Congratulations to Empire paralegal instructor Grace De La Torre, who will be honored this evening by the Redwood Empire Association of Paralegals which nominated her for California's Paralegal of the Year Award - which she won a few weeks ago at the statewide meeting in Los Angeles!

Following is the official press release.


Grace with her REAP colleagues

Law School Info Seminar - Tell a Friend!

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Sarah Lewers and Matthew Quinn, Attorney at Law, Class of 2010

You have the opportunity to join Empire College School of Law in welcoming two of our graduates who will be speaking at our Informational Law Seminar on Tuesday, July 23, from 6:30-8:00 p.m.

Sarah Lewers, Associate Attorney, Law Offices of Peter Goldstone

Announcing: Master of Legal Studies Program

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Law Students Learn Intricacies of Federal Indian Law

Professor Joseph Wiseman teaches Federal Indian Law at Empire Law School.

There are over one hundred federally recognized Indian tribes in California, ranging from the Yurok tribe on the north coast to the Fort Yuma Quechan tribe on the border of Arizona and Mexico. Each tribe is a sovereign “nation within a nation” with the inherent power to regulate its internal affairs generally free from state intrusion. Indian tribes have a rich historical legacy, which, unfortunately, is scarred by repeated attempts to eradicate their presence and diminish their historical land base.

The Value of Education: A Case Study

Empire College graduate Antonia Garza

Two-time Empire College graduate Antonia Garza's story is an inspiring example of the value of education.

Introducing ... Part 6: Empire Law Grads 2013

The finale of introductions for the Empire College School of Law Class of 2013 includes the valedictorian, Christopher Stoll. His bio, like the other 17 members of the class, illustrates the variety of career and educational backgrounds from which Empire law students come. The discipline and critical thinking skills learned while studying law will assist them in their future endeavors.

Introducing ... Part 5: Empire Law Grads 2013

Today's group of Juris Doctor graduates includes a two-time moot court competitor, a graduate who has interned for the Sonoma County Bar Association writing jury verdict reports, and a certified law clerk with the Sonoma County District Attorney's office.

Introducing ... Part 4: Empire Law Grads 2013

Today's trio of law graduates have participated in the Small Claims, Elder Law, and Self-Help Access Clinics, as well as the Sonoma County Family Law Facilitator's Office, and were recipients of a variety of legal scholarships.

Introducing ... Part 3: Empire Law Grads 2013

Our third group of Empire College School of Law graduates includes students who have provided pro bono legal services through the Elder Law, Disability Law, Self-Help Access Center, and Small Claims Advisory Clinics. One has been a law clerk at the Sonoma County Public Defender's Office, and another had an article published in the Sonoma County Bar Association's Bar Journal.