Just in Case...

Summer, officially, is due to arrive at the end of this week. If the rest of this season can be like this last weekend then what a glorious summer it will be! Sometimes, amidst all the beauty that is Sonoma County, it is hard to imagine that in other parts of the world they are experiencing Mother Nature at her worst: devastating floods in Iowa, wildfires here in California, earthquakes and the aftermath in China and Japan...

Strolling in Downtown Santa Rosa

Things are starting to heat up in Sonoma County…literally! It was a warm weekend and it looks like the hot weather is going to continue into next week at least. Yesterday evening we took a stroll down to the recently opened Prince Memorial Greenway at the corner of Santa Rosa and Sonoma Avenues...

Summer and the BBQ

Time to break out the BBQ and start grilling! Is there anything easier than barbecuing in the summer? I equate it to slow-cooker dinners in the fall/winter – minimal prep and clean-up, maximum culinary satisfaction...

Passage Thru My Last Mod

As I reach the end of my last module at Empire I do it with pride and sadness.

I truly appreciate the help and guidance I have received from all my instructors. I had a goal to learn accounting with computer applications in order to compete in today’s work environment and because of the dedication of my instructors I feel I have succeeded.

Taking Control of Self-Stress

We listen to a variety of warnings from weather predictions to foods that are bad for us, so why do we not listen to our bodies when it gives us signs of stress?

Long ago stress helped save the caveman’s/woman’s life. It provided the adrenaline that gave him/her the strength to run from the dinosaur that was going to eat him/her. The major needs of that time were finding food to eat, shelter, and not being eaten by something bigger than you. Back then stress kept you alive, today, stress can kill you.

How Well Will You Work Together in a Team/Group?

Unless you plan on owning your own business and working for yourself, your chances of working together with other people is a certainty. Listed below are just a few situations in the business world. Read them and ask yourself honestly if you are prepared. If you are not prepared to work effectively with others, now is the time to learn, “before” you get that job you want:

* Working with a variety of personalities and ages with a goal to make the best of the situation to help perform at the highest level-

Is your resume right for the position you desire?

Whenever you choose to make that jump into the workforce, make sure you do it with a resume that works right for you. Package yourself in a way that gives you the best chance to get interviews and the job you want. If you are not sure how to get your resume in the best shape, you can take a class in resume writing or look through a book on resume writing at the library or a bookstore. Don’t forget theInternet; it is full of“free”ideas and examples. Listed below are just a few tips that may help you along the way-- good luck!

It is Not What You Say, But How You Say It

Learning Technical Skills are not everything you need to get a good job. Learning good Human Relation Skills to communicate well with others is important too. Remember that first impression on the person you hand your resume to will be etched in their memory forever, so don’t blow it! Make a good impression the first time.

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