December Hires !

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Congratulations to graduates/alumni hired this month:

Cydney (recent IT graduate) accepted a Network Operations position with MarketLive

Crystal (recent Legal graduate) accepted a Paralegal position with England Law

Marcus (recent Legal graduate) accepted a Legal Admin position with Richard Meechum

Kathleen (recent Legal graduate) accepted a Legal Assistant position with Steven Taxman

Shonna (recent Legal graduate) accepted a Paralegal position with Sizemore Law

Threes- A Charm

Angie in her clinical class

Before I became the Evening Dean here, I taught some classes at Empire College. Even before that I taught high school. Eleven of those teaching years were at Analy High School. I especially liked having those freshman classes- still young and not jaded.  I remember one class about ten years ago a really pleasant, smart and enthusiastic student named Angie.

Hired This Month

Congratulations to graduates and alumni hired this month:

  • Anderson (recent IT graduate) accepted an IT Assistant position with Touch Sonic Technologies


Empire Students' Klipmix How-To Video

Klipmix How-To Video

I'm excited to share a terrific how-to video created by Empire College students in their Entrepreneurship class. For their class project, these business majors decided to demonstrate how to use the free Klipmix video maker smart phone app. Through step-by-step instructions, you will learn how to edit your videos and add music and photographs.

I can't wait to give it a try! Check it out at

New Clinic Provides Law Students a "Complete Education"

Empire Law School students develop practical legal skills through clinic work.

Empire College has made the national President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll over the last two years for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the formation of five law clinics in Sonoma County to help residents who otherwise might not be able to afford the help of legal counsel when problems arise.

'Tis Better to Give

Students Raise Funds for Breast Cancer Awareness

‘Tis better to give than to receive. I believe these sentiments to be true in my life. This simple saying does not say, however, that the giver is often the one who is blessed the most simply by being able to fulfill a need.
~Shannon Tinsley, Medical Department Head

Do you know what today is?

Empire College founder Henry Trione

A few years ago, September 8 was declared Henry Trione Day by the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors. For those who know Henry, they agreed it is a well deserved recognition. For those of us associated with Empire College, we are honored to have him as our founder 53 years ago and and our avid supporter today.


Hi All,

It’s about a month and a half since the last post, but look at all the winners.

Congratulations to students/graduates recently hired:

Edelmira (recent Paralegal graduate ) accepted a Legal Secretary position with Herbert Terreri Law

Chelsea (Paralegal Alumni) accepted a Legal Secretary position with CrossCheck

Skylar (recent Accounting graduate) accepted an Accounting Asst. position with Molkenbuhr Enterprises

You All Shined !!

Hello Empire students and Alumni,

You were impressive at the Empire College Job Fair on Wednesday. 28 employers attended and here’s what some of the employers said about you:

“Your students are very impressive; they did an excellent job in presenting themselves professionally.”

“Great job on the job fair.  We ended up with quite a few contacts and have already schedule a number on interviews.”

They Sometimes Come in Pairs

Empire College Pair


As the evening dean I get to speak with many of the students on a regular basis.  Some students come to Empire as a couple, which has always aroused my curiosity.  One such couple is Darrell and Kat. I thought that for my first short interview that I would talk to them about their experience at Empire College.

How did it happen that you came to Empire College?

Darrell:  “Kat started the whole thing- the initiation.”