Donated, Refurbished Computers Benefit the Community

Donated, Refurbished Computers Benefit the Community

Empire College technology student rebuilds computer

Hardware instructor Scott Wilcox has given away many small items as needed by tech students and has picked up recycled equipment to help the person/company dispose of items and help others. This has led to a recycling and donation system that has provided his students in Empire's information technology programs with computers that can be used to build a network at home.

This program has inspired Empire's tech students and graduates to donate some of their old systems for refurbishing and donation. Most recently, alum Chris Sutton donated 19 systems on behalf of his company, Fusion Technology Solutions. So one Friday morning, 10 IT students and 4 of Empire’s IT instructors tested the hardware on the CPUs and then uninstalled all software, bringing the systems back to their original state so that they could be donated to schools and individuals.

“Doing something good with the rebuilt systems and helping folks less fortunate is very rewarding,” says Chris Rivera, president of the Empire Tech Club.

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