Administrative Professionals: Bringing Order to the Storm

Administrative Professionals: Bringing Order to the Storm

Empire College Business Students

Modern Business is a Storm is the theme of this year’s Administrative Professionals Week, April 21-27, at Empire College. The International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) Empire Student Chapter is celebrating by hosting exciting events during the week including workshops, educational seminars, networking opportunities,and a Dress for Success Day!

The office professional’s role is not disappearing; it is evolving. Today’s professionals handle many responsibilities previously restricted to managers, and they play a strategic role in meeting business objectives. They are problem solvers, project managers, technology experts, and event planners.

Empire College’s new programs for the administrative and management business professionals reflect those changes as they include business law, accounting, software, hospitality, and entrepreneurship courses in creating, financing, marketing, and managing a business. It is not only necessary to understand the groundwork of a business; it is also important to appreciate the mindset of an entrepreneur or be prepared to become one.

Margaret Ketelsen, a student who came to Empire after being involved in her family’s business for many years, said, “The last few years have been very challenging for our family business. As it became necessary to search for an alternative income, I made several attempts at employment with local government agencies. The competition was ferocious, which lead me to evaluate my direction. Were my skills up-to-date? Did my experience quality me for these positions? What could I do to stand out among 600 applicants? In December of 2012, I stepped out of my comfort zone and into the world of Empire College. The Admissions Department was very supportive, which helped make a smooth transition. I was able to enroll in a curriculum that fit my needs and blends with my personal life. I will enhance my skills to successfully achieve employment with a formal education.”

Elisa Osburg, a student in the Specialized Associate Degree - Guest Services program, which includes business and hospitality classes, said, “Being enrolled at Empire College in the specialty hospitality program has brought a new light to my life and my education. Working in a job with little or no future, I felt the many pressures of adulthood, and it wasn’t enough for me. After being here at Empire College, I can easily say that my future career is within grasp with the help and training of the instructors and my peers. Having learned what I have in the short amount of time I have been here, I feel as though I will be confident and knowledgeable in pursuing a career in the hospitality industry.”

Addressing the skills necessary to compete in today’s workforce is the hallmark of training at Empire College. Career-oriented education incorporates students’ life skills through project-based training. The 8 to 21 month diploma and associate degree programs prepare business graduates for positions ranging from office assistants to managers in virtually any industry.

On a daily basis, Empire’s Career Placement Department hears comments from employers about the need for candidates who possess both technical and interpersonal skills. “Matching employers’ needs with the ‘perfect candidate’ and saving them the time of sifting through hundreds of resumes is extremely rewarding,” says Lucille Inman, Empire’s Director of Career Services. “Our business graduates are in demand. It is a program area where we consistently achieve high placement rates.”

Empire, which recently celebrated its 52ndanniversary, is proud of its legacy of training students and providing them with the skills necessary to rank among the competition in the job market and of matching those students as qualified candidates to meet the needs of local employers.

I am a proud Business Degree

I am a proud Business Degree graduate. We can work in any business, and do anything.