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The Perfect Sip - Infographic

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Do you know what type of wine you like? Would you like to learn more about wine? Read our quick guide to find the perfect wine for you.

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Congratulations Pro Bono Honorees

Tim Doherty and Mike Gordon, students at Empire College School of Law, were honored at the annual Sonoma County Bar Association's Pro Bono Awards Luncheon. They were recognized for their dedication and compassion in providing free legal assistance to the citizens of the Redwood Empire at the Disability Law Clinic and Small Claims Advisory Clinic.

ATTENTION: Empire College Alumni!


The best things in life are free ...
     a warm hug,
     a kind word,
     a smile,
     and 50 chances to win great prizes.
Celebrating our Golden Jubilee beginning January 3!

Congratulations New Attorneys!

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On the July 2010 Bar Exam, alumni of Empire College School of Law achieved an impressive 85% pass rate for first-time applicants, exceeding statewide averages in all categories. These graduates perpetuate Empire’s tradition of excellence, joining alumni who comprise approximately 25% of the Sonoma County Bar and include 9 members of the judiciary in Sonoma, Napa, Mendocino, Merced and Lassen Counties.

All I want for Christmas (& my birthday &)

As you know, I'm graduating law school on June 5, 2011 and I'm taking the California State Bar Exam at the end of July 2011.

People register when they get married and/or have a baby. Well, I'm doing something equally as important! I'm graduating from law school and taking the California Bar Exam! But did you know there's no "Bar Exam Registry? ;)

Back in 2006, when I started law school, I had no idea how expensive graduating and becoming an attorney would be. I've had my share of difficulties just getting to this point, and now I'm being faced with so many fees, that I'm feeling overwhelmed.  Read more.

These Students/Graduates Got The Job!

The Career Services Department wanted to share these recent job placements with you:
  • Carissa, hired by, Julia Parranto, Attorney at Law as a Paralegal.
  • Viviana, hired by, Scheer Law Group as a Legal Secretary.
  • Diane, hired by, Laborers Union Local 139 as a Bookkeeper


Popular tech terms
A majority of Americans own computers, yet the average user doesn’t know what ‘URL’ stands for (it’s Uniform Resource Locator, by the way -- a fancy term for an Internet address). Though most users have come a long way since the early days of the digital age when they mistook the CD-ROM drive for a cup holder, many are still baffled by tech-speak. Mastering just a handful of definitions may help users bridge the wide gap between the experts and the rest of us.

Dean Broderick victorious in Sonoma County Superior Court judge race

Pat Broderick, Empire College School of Law Dean

Congratulations to Empire College School of Law Dean, Pat Broderick, on winning the race for Sonoma County Superior Court judge on November 2. He will be sworn in January 3, filling the seat of retiring Judge Lawrence Antolini - the first Dean of Empire College School of Law.

You can read more here.

Five Job Application Mistakes to Avoid

You’re awesome. You know you are. So why won’t anyone hire you? Your awesomeness may not be coming across in your job application. All the time we see talented job seekers who give the wrong impression to employers because of what they say – or don’t say – when they’re applying for jobs. Here are five common job application mistakes that might be stopping you from getting the job.

These Students/Graduates Got The Job!

 The Career Services Department wanted to share these recent job placements with you: