Benefits of Applied Learning

Benefits of Applied Learning

At Empire College, a variety of applied learning experiences are available, including internships/externships and service learning. Each of the opportunities involve "learning by doing," have learning objectives relevant to academic or career pursuits, and build real-world skills.

Applied learning integrates classroom learning with real-world situations. Participating in applied learning opportunities helps you:

  • Translate classroom knowledge to real-world situations
  • Develop a deeper understanding of course materials
  • Gain real-world skills that are valued by potential employers
  • Build a network

INTERNSHIPS/EXTERNSHIPS: The job market is constantly changing with new technologies, procedures, and methods. Applied learning provides students in all disciplines the opportunity to engage in a hands-on, experiential learning environment with industry professionals. Empire College partners with local employers for internships and externships through which students gain practical application of the skills they acquired in the classroom and continue to expand their levels of competency. Faculty advisors in the Business School coordinate all internships/externships for students during their last quarter of studies.

SERVICE LEARNING: Defined as a form of experiential learning in which students combine classroom experience with community-based service, Empire College's service learning program benefits a wide spectrum of the local community.  In addition to the commitment of human resources through services ranging from health screenings to income tax preparation to legal advice, Empire’s community outreach involves raising thousands of dollars and donating facility space to local nonprofits. Each of Empire's academic programs is designed to hone students' skill sets through project-based learning as well as to foster volunteerism and the importance of community involvement. 


Empire College Information Technology Student and Business Graduate

Kathleen Karp, CCMA-C, 2011 Graduate
Cardiovascular Technician Supervisor, Northern California Medical Associates
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I was employed as a clinical medical assistant with NCMA after externing here. I started my externship at Santa Rosa Internal Medicine. They were a great team of people and encouraged my independence. Halfway through my externship I switched to cardiology and loved it. I think it is important to be open to all fields of medicine; you want to get your foot in the door wherever you can.

I knew instantly from the first class that I had found my fit at Empire College. I loved my instructors. It was a really good experience. I would not be where I am now in my life without going back to school. The externship was extremely valuable, and I also did volunteer work while attending Empire through which I met some of my current coworkers. The medical world is so small; everybody knows everybody.

Now I am in a position of training externs myself; we have two from Empire now. I love it when Empire College students come here to extern; I know what I can expect of them.

Empire College Medical Student and Accounting Graduate

Scott Schulze, 2011 Graduate
Owner, Fusion Technology Solutions
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After finishing my program at Empire College, I decided to build on my previous work experience and start my own business.

I get a lot of positive feedback about our team, three of whom are Empire College graduates. The fact that Empire includes an internship is perfect because it gives students real-world help desk experience, and we can see how well the techs will fit with our team.

I prefer to hire people with at least their A+ and NET+ certification for help desk positions, and I want them to continue on with their certifications. Those preferences are in line with Empire College’s I.T. curriculum.

Empire College Accounting and Paralegal Students

Nancy Clark, 2014 Graduate
Paralegal, Galanti & Copenhaver, Inc.
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While I was a student in the paralegal program at Empire College, my Legal Department Head arranged an internship for me. The internship primarily consisted of non-profit work, and I felt as though I needed more paralegal experience. My Department Head notified me that Galanti & Copenhaver, Inc. was interested in an Empire College Paralegal Intern with the possibility of future employment, and I jumped at the opportunity to learn more.

Galanti & Copenhaver, Inc. primarily practices Estate Planning and Trust Administration which was not an area of law that I had intended to practice. However, after completing my internship I found that I really enjoyed practicing in the area of Estate Planning. That is the beauty of internships; you never know what you might learn!

Walking across the graduation stage already employed with a full-time job was very gratifying. My advice to students is: network and get involved in the Empire Legal Student Association! The effort you put in to your studies will reflect who you will be as an employee.

Empire College Information Accounting Majors

Nam Doran, 2016 Graduate
Jr. Accountant, Harmony Farm Supply 
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Working at the VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) on-campus clinic during tax season is very rewarding. It’s a great experience being able to give back to the community while gaining real-world experience in accounting, customer service, and communication skills. I feel it is an invaluable experience that will make me a better accountant and more marketable.

As a result of volunteering and networking in the tax clinic, Nam received a very nice, unsolicited recommendation from an industry professional: “I've been volunteering in the VITA program with Nam. Not only is she very smart, she also has great rapport while helping people with their tax returns – she will go far.”

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