About - School of Law

About - School of Law

About our Northern California Law School

Empire College School of Law is a fully accredited law school in Santa Rosa, California.

For more than 35 years, our accredited law school has been recognized for providing its students with an intensive, high-quality Juris Doctor education. Our students have gained attention for winning many awards and law competitions and placed second in brief writing at the 2010 California Moot Court Competition. Our graduates have also gone on to serve as members of judiciaries in Sonoma, Napa, Mendocino, Lassen and Merced counties. If you’re interested in pursuing a degree in the field of law consider one of the top Northern California law schools – Empire College School of Law.

We understand that not everyone pursues a law degree for the same reason. Some of our students are working to become trial attorneys dedicated to representing their clients. Other students see law as a way to become active, socially responsible members of their community who work toward positively changing the lives of others. Whatever your reason for studying law, we strive to provide a comprehensive education that gives our students a solid foundation for any area they pursue. The critical-thinking skills, legal knowledge and work ethic gained at Empire College School of Law will help you advance in any future career opportunity.

The study of law is constantly changing. We teach our students that law is not about learning outdated rules and principles, but being actively engaged in researching their client’s position and preparing an argument to effectively support that position. At our respected, accredited law school, students learn about law in the past and current law in a broad list of subjects and areas. We also realize our students must successfully adjust to the future, and we push them to question what the future will bring in the field of law.

At Empire College School of Law, we want to produce graduates who become confident and effective professionals when faced with the many ethical challenges the legal profession presents. Students are supplied with high-quality instruction from our distinguished faculty who are all experts in their own specific law area. If you’re wanting a high-quality law education, consider one of the top Northern California law schools – Empire College.

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